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stay curious, feel confident & strong

self-study or svadyaya is an important part of learning the practice of yoga. what we learn, the hows and the whys, are questions any student should ask themselves. transformation comes with continued self-study not only in your practice but in your own personal growth.

our levels are intended to guide you safely, effectively and intelligently. and all of our classes are taught with that in mind. there’s a lot to learn at every level. we hope to keep you inspired and curious!

level 1 = beginner/all levels
the place to start as a new student or student new to a style we offer. get familiar with foundational postures, breath work and relaxation techniques to gain ease and confidence. classes are taught to get you strong and flexible by moving with mindfulness and intelligence.

level 1.5 = advanced beginner - intermediate (1+ yrs)
continue to build your strength and flexibility as you incorporate your foundation with more challenging postures. refine your awareness with classes that teach effective sequences with clarity and precision; modifications and variations will be offered.

level 2+ = intermediate - advanced (2+ yrs)
for the experienced student with a solid foundation, precise understanding of body alignment, and refined awareness. stay inspired with these dynamic classes offering more advanced postures and a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy. explore your potential, transform your self.

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