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member of the month

october 2017

they inspire us by their commitment to the practice, their dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, and we love seeing them around! meet our members...

what are 2 things you love most about being a member at yoga source?
the unexpected joy i feel knowing “today is the day” . more importantly.. how these lessons fold into my everyday life.

what motivates you to get to class early in the morning or after a busy day?
the depth of talents and experiences of those around me. teachers. artists. thought leaders and lovers of life fill that room. the energy is amazing.

what do you enjoy most about the practice of yoga?
unexpected was the connection to the calming effects. that aspect took some time to resonate but it is what draws me back week in and week out.

what teacher do you feel most connected to? and why?
paula millar. her practice always involves the unexpected. it’s like a beautifully wrapped gift. it captures your imagination and pulls you in to this quite and calming space. every time there is this moment when she unfolds our hour and offers wisdom and joy.

if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
home. always home. nothing fills me more.

name one thing on your "bucket" list.
watching the lipizzaner horses perform. their legacy and depth is magical.


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