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december 2017

they inspire us by their commitment to the practice, their dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, and we love seeing them around! meet our members...

what are 2 things you love most about being a member at yoga source?
schedule flexibility is great because my work schedule changes so much... and being able to go to an unlimited number of classes motivates me to do yoga as much as i can!

what motivates you to get to class early in the morning or after a busy day?
i know it is up to me to set aside time for myself so i can be the best version of myself - i love yoga and practicing at yoga source has supported me and motivated me through many positive life changes.

what do you enjoy most about the practice of yoga?
how my relationship to my practcie changes over time - it's surprising!

what teacher do you feel most connected to? and why?
i love all the teachers i've had the opportunity to practcie with, especially heather cauley. i love the talks and themes she brings to each class and being able to go through a series with her - and she uses aromatherapy which i really love.

if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
i would go to spain to hike "el camino"

name one thing on your "bucket" list.
try cricket flour, and if it's tasty, learn to cook with it.


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