Yoga Source began in 1998 with four pioneering women of the decade, Lynn Brooke, Anne Battle,
Joann Bibb & Pam McGeorge.


Lynn Brooke and Anne Battle, along with Pam McGeorge and Joann Bibb, co-founded Yoga Source in one room at St. Stephen’s Church in 1998. From those modest beginnings, an increased demand for more yoga classes inspired the founders to move to the Carytown location in 2000. By 2002, renovations began to expand the upstairs suite from two practice rooms to three, a retail space, lounge area, and five massage suites.


In June 2007, Lynne and Anne "passed the torch" to yoga instructors and then managers, Myra Dionisio and Tia Platte. Both women were involved with the studio in every way imaginable for ten years, dedicating their lives to the mission set before them. Committed to continuing the work began by those four female pioneers, Myra and Tia co-managed daily operations, personnel and studio management, taught public yoga classes, led workshops, and contributed to the teacher training programs offered each year.


In January 2018, Tia Platte became sole-proprietor of Yoga Source and continues to fulfill the Yoga Source mission of providing the community with a source of inspiration offering a wide range of movement modalities from yoga classes to barre fitness, 200-hr and 300-hr yoga teacher training programs, yoga and barre apprenticeship programs, and continuing education workshops. 


Yoga Source provides a non-dogmatic space of learning for anyone seeking to develop themselves physically, mentally and spiritually no matter what age or stage of life. All are welcome in this home. 

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