Join creator and trainer Amy Barnes for the BARRE TECH. teacher training at Yoga Source, the

premiere resource for teacher trainings in the Richmond area. This specialized training is a unique

opportunity to expand your teaching repertoire to include a style of barre fitness that takes

group fitness to the next level. 


BARRE TECH. training will result in the ability to conduct different types of barre workouts including 45 and 60 minutes barre classes for a variety of clientele including beginners-advanced levels, as well as, prenatal students. Take all three modules to unlock the proprietary formulas and sequencing that puts the BARRE TECH. barre workout in a class of its own! BARRE TECH. training will prime you to teach barre fitness in your community. You may elect to complete your certification two ways: schedule your 6 hour virtual mentorship with Amy Barnes to complete your training as a BARRE TECH. instructor.


If you hold a 200-hr yoga certification, you may choose to attend the 10 hour YS Yoga Barre apprenticeship with creator, Tia Platte at Yoga Source. Interested in teaching Yoga Barre at Yoga Source? Complete the BARRE TECH. teacher training and YS apprenticeship to audition!


Train in the BARRE TECH. formats of 45 and 60 minute barre classes, the methodology and signature 4-pt TECHnique, plus anatomy, cues, hands-on corrections, modifications, and playlist development. We will cover: 


    • Mission behind BARRE TECH. methodologies                

    • Why BT works for every student at any level? (the exercise science, the difference it makes, the experience)

    • Basic anatomy and functional movement                

    • Ballet terminology + barre-lingo                                    

    • Alignment and our signature 4-pt TECHnique                    

    • Choreographed Warm Up I and II - total body toning and cardiovascular training            

    • Upper body toning and total body conditioning        

    • Lower body interval exercises + stretches for thigh and seat segments                

    • Modifications (injuries, prenatal, etc…) and progressions            

    • Cues to form                                            

    • Hands on adjustments                                        

    • Exercise accessories (weights, balls, bands, etc…) and their role in greater challenges, better form, modifications, and more for optimal results                            

    • Stretch flow and variations                                    

    • Barre 60: targeted core work                                     

    • Barre 45: targeted core work                                    

    • Back extensions/back dancing                                     

    • Final stretch and cool down on day 2                                

    • Class Elements/Instructor style on both days    


    • Prenatal Barre format                                        

    • Prenatal Warm Up                                            

    • Pelvic Floor Stretches and signature 4-PT TECHnique                        

    • Contraindications and preferred movements for all trimesters including postpartum    



  • 3 months of consistent barre practice

  • Fitness or dance background a plus 

  • 200-hr yoga certification for YS Yoga Barre Apprenticeship



Schedule your additional six hour virtual mentorship with Amy Barnes to complete the BARRE TECH. certification* OR complete the ten hour apprenticeship** with Tia Platte to complete the YS Yoga Barre certification. **200 hour yoga teacher training certificate required.


    • Session 1- warm up plus modifications

    • Session 2 - thighs plus modifications plus stretches

    • Session 3 - seat work plus modifications plus stretches 

    • Session 4 - targeted core work per Barre45 and Barre60

    • Session 5 - back dancing and cool down stretches

    • Session 6 - make up date; open forum

*Additional sessions- $25/hour 


    • Session 1+2 - Yoga Barre warm up  w/modifications; practice teach 

    • Session 3+4 - Review of yoga postures targeted for thigh and seat stretches; practice teach 

    • Session 5+6 - Review of yoga postures targeted for the back body and core/abdominal region; practice teach

    • + attendance in 4 yoga barre classes (to include 2 30-min teaching demos)



    MODULE 1: SPRING 2019 - dates TBA  
     MODULE 2: SPRING 2019 - dates TBA



*Last day to apply Oct 30, 2018. Tuition includes 6 hour virtual mentorship w/Amy Barnes OR 10 hour YS Yoga Barre apprenticeship w/Tia Platte. A 200-hr yoga certification is required to qualify for the apprenticeship at Yoga Source. Trainees will receive TT manual and access to online videos on the first day of training. In the event of scheduling conflicts or inclement weather, the back up date for training will be Sun, Nov 11, 2018 from 10-7 pm. 

Sat, Nov. 10 - 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Master the BARRE TECH. style and dynamic choreography in this continuing education workshop covering proprietary sequencing, workshop combos and hands-on corrections and assisted stretching techniques. You will dig deeper into the elements of musicality, vocal style and cadence of cueing as well as discuss client care, retention and building community. Build motivation and devotion to a barre practice and learn to inspire others to do the same!  (no application needed)    


    • Barre certification 

    • Currently teaching barre fitness     



$200    by Nov 8th

BARRE TECH. creator and director  Amy B. is back in the studio to train and bring barre fitness to another level in Richmond, VA.  Amy is a classically trained dancer with over 15 years of experience teaching group fitness and training barre teachers in the DC metro area and VA.  In that time, she has perfected the studio workout by watching her students and creating choreography that  sculpted all body types and inspired people.  The BARRE TECH. method became known for its attention to detail, musicality and expert instruction.  That and the BT sequencing is what makes it the best workout in town, barre-none! 

“I am thrilled that I can train other teachers to share the #barrelove!”  -Amy B. 

Creator of Yoga Barre and Yoga Source Director, Tia Platte, is thrilled to host the very first BARRE TECH. teacher training with Amy Barnes at Yoga Source!  Tia holds a BFA in Dance & Choreography from VCU and is registered with the National Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor) and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider).  She began teaching Yoga Barre one year after receiving her Barworks certification from Yoga Works in 2013. Yoga Barre (a style unique to the barre industry) is known for its mindful integration of alignment principles, an authenticity in ballet technique and the sense of empowerment felt after each class.  Tia is committed to the continuous evolution of the Yoga Barre style and each apprentices growth through the Yoga Barre Apprenticeship. 

“I’m so excited to offer the Richmond community an opportunity to study with BARRE TECH. creator Amy Barnes and to work collaboratively in training quality Barre instructors  in Richmond, VA!”  -Tia Platte, E-RYT 500​





  1. What is the BARRE TECH.?
    Created by Amy Barnes, BARRE TECH. style barre fitness is anchored in the power found between a fit body and an equally fit mind, making it the BT mission to fuel your desire for both physical and mental fitness. ... The barre is used for safe and controlled exercise movements, combining elements from both interval training and strength training.


  2. What is Yoga Barre?
    A whole body workout incorporating yoga postures, isometric movements, and ballet-based dance conditioning exercises. While yoga barre is not a yoga class, it is mindfully designed to support your yoga practice, and specifically the Barworks™ methodology developed by Yogaworks. Yoga Barre targets the muscles of the upper body, core, seat, and thighs lending an overall sense of integration, stability and empowerment.


  3. What are the health benefits of a barre workout?
    Targeted to define individual muscle groups, you will build strength and length throughout the body in one hour. Classes include low impact, cardiovascular segments with strength conditioning intervals that build stamina while improving posture.


  4. What muscle groups are focused on in a barre class?
    Arms, Thighs, Seat, Back and Core - a full body workout.


  5. Do I need a dance or yoga background to try a barre class?
    No! Anyone can try a barre class. Workouts are easy to follow and can be modified to your fitness level. Variations are offered for each exercise to cater to your ability and goals. 



  1. I am interested in becoming a barre teacher, how do I get certified?
    Complete Modules 1+2  of the BARRE TECH. teacher training and complete your elected certification track: BARRE TECH. mentoring with Amy Barnes or YS Yoga Barre apprenticeship with Tia Platte.


  2. I don’t have a yoga teaching background, can I still get certified to be a barre teacher?
    Without a 200 hour yoga certification, you can participate in the BARRE TECH. Training Modules 1+2 and complete the 6 hour virtual mentorship with Amy Barnes to complete the BARRE TECH. certification.


  3. How do I register for the BARRE TECH. training?
    Register here at and complete the online application with your deposit by Oct 15 or Oct 30, 2018 (space permitting). Once accepted, your tuition must be submitted no later than the start date of the training on Nov 3, 2018.


  4. How long is the BARRE TECH. Teacher Training?
    20-hrs for Module 1+2 (includes two 30 min lunch breaks) with elected track:
    + 6 additional hours - virtual BARRE TECH. mentorship with Amy Barnes
    + 10 additional hours YS Yoga Barre apprenticeship with Tia Platte 


  5. What’s involved in the virtual mentorship with Amy Barnes*?
    Hours will be scheduled with Amy upon acceptance to the program.

    BT Syllabus:
    Session 1- warm up plus mods
    Session 2 - thighs plus mods plus stretches
    Session 3 - seat work plus mods plus stretches 
    Session 4 - targeted core work per Barre45 and Barre60
    Session 5 - back dancing and cool down stretches
    Session 6 - make up date; open forum
    *Additional sessions w/Amy = $25/hour 


  6. What is involved in the YS Yoga Barre apprenticeship** at Yoga Source?
    Sun, Nov 11 - 3-5 pm
    Session 1+2 - Yoga Barre warm up w/modifications; practice teach
    Sun, Nov 18 - 3-5 pm
    Session 3+4 - Review of yoga postures targeted for thigh and seat stretches; practice teach
    Sun, Nov 25 - 3-5 pm
    Session 5+6 - Review of yoga postures targeted for the back body and core/abdominal region; practice teach
    + attendance in 4 yoga barre classes on/or before Nov 30 (to include 2 30-min teaching demos)
    **200 hour yoga teacher training certificate required.


  7. Can I teach at Yoga Source after my BARRE TECH. teacher training?
    After completion of the BARRE TECH. teacher training and YS Yoga Barre apprenticeship, you will be considered for the YS substitute program upon your audition. Once hired, Yoga barre classes will be offered according to studio scheduling demand and instructor availability. 


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