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Our alignment-based version of vinyasa. This mixed level practice ties traditional hatha poses together in a flow-style with several breaths per pose. A great class to learn actions in the pose while you move with breath. Each class offers a unique sequence designed by your teacher and incorporates props into the flow. 6-months of yoga experience recommended yet open to all levels.

Core Flow® 

A vinyasa style practice designed to stabilize your abdominal, pelvic and spinal muscles with a variety of “core-centric” postures, breath and movement. This class will supplement any style of practice by offering stabilization exercises for the abdominal, pelvic, and spinal muscles. Emphasis will be placed on ujayii (victorious) breathing and bhandas (internal locks) to stimulate a deeper awareness of internal heat. Learn how to utilize breath and bandhas to initiate hand, arm & standing balances, and preparatory inversions. 6-months of yoga experience recommended yet open to all levels.

Flow Basics

This foundational vinyasa class will move you through a variety of basic postures, breath work and relaxation. The transitional movements (vinyasa) between the postures help to create an accessible sequence that work all of the major joints and muscles of the body. The emphasis will be placed on proper alignment of sun salutations and foundational yoga postures. No previous experience required; beginner-friendly and open to all levels.


Yoga Barre

A whole body workout incorporating yoga postures, isometric movements, and ballet-based dance conditioning exercises. While yoga barre is not a yoga class, it is mindfully designed to support your yoga practice integrating the Barworks™ methodology. Yoga Barre targets the muscles of the upper body, thighs, glutes, back & core to lend an overall sense of integration and stability. Look forward to a challenging, full-body burn!  6-months of yoga experience recommended yet open to all levels.

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