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Ali Hord

Over the course of a decade in California, Alison served as a spiritual advisor, certified life coach, completed school for drug and alcohol counseling, actively perused a continuum of education for both counseling and life coaching. She worked with clients in the state of California as well as nationally. Alison transitioned into the alternative healing community and became a certified Breathwork guide/practitioner in 2017. Alison was a manager and demo lead for Breathworks Connection and was privileged to have gotten to take Breathwork into the mental health and addiction industry. Coming back to her roots in Richmond, she felt drawn to bring Breathwork (Golden Prana Breathwork) back to the east coast and share this powerful gift with everyone she came in contact with (Breathwork assisted strongly in the healing of physical conditions she was challenged with). Alison is a seer, a knower, and an intuitive that has been able to strengthen upon and fine tune her gifts with her own personal favorite self-explorative practices such as Pranayama, Reiki, massage/bodywork, writing (published a poetry book in 2016 called “Fly Above the Fire”), connecting with Mother Nature, animals, and with others. Alison is currently in school for massage and intends on combining practices for an authentic and effective therapeutic approach to the mind, body, and spirit.

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