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Celine Burn

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”

– Rumi 

    YogaWorks 200-hr Teacher Training, Member of Yoga Alliance, Stott Pilates certified—Matwork, Apparatus, Total Barre CPR & AED certified, 3 years-plus yoga teaching experience, Pilates 5 years experience

Celine loves movement, asanas, and the feeling of being strong from the inside out. Every time she arrives on the mat, she is endlessly surprised at how much self-growth occurs. Sometimes it is in the breath, sometimes it is in the concentration of the details, sometimes it's in the unsteadiness of balance...but each time there is an unexpected discovery that takes her to an even more peaceful place of being.
Celine considers her position as a yoga instructor to be a tremendous blessing and an honor. If one can guide their students towards self-love through their practice, she believes that they will carry that joy into their lives and beyond. Her hope is to touch as many hearts that she can to help heal, find happiness, love for oneself and compassion for others. 

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