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Courtney Johnson

Courtney was first introduced to yoga after moving to Colorado from Virginia post college. Yoga was her escape and recovery from those long days snowboarding in the Rockies. First loving the practice for its physical benefits and low impact style of working out, the spiritual and emotional residue of the practice quickly began to entice Courtney to sink deeper into her studies, leading her all the way to Rishikesh, India. At Rishikesh Yog Peeth, Courtney completed her 500-hour TTC with focus on Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga based classes and philosophy. She furthered her spiritual voyage to Indonesia where she taught at Bali Surf and Yoga Retreat Center on the Bukit Peninsula. Courtney’s classes bring a relatable and welcoming vibe as she encourages her students to bring their practices off the mat and into their everyday lives by cultivating an awareness of how the work, they do during her classes can be applied in many aspects to their lives. She calls this message “living their yoga” and challenges her students to live and life of intention and mindfulness.

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