Our hatha (physical) yoga classes include progressive levels of postures, breath work and relaxation. Learn to focus the mind while bringing increased awareness to the alignment of the body. Let go of judgements by embarking on a journey of svadhyaya (self-study) and self-acceptance. Each teacher will draw from their training background to offer a unique hatha yoga experience.




Inspired by the Yogaworks®  method, within each class you will experience a blend of precise instruction, alignment with breath, and fluid movement. A flow of sun salutes and standing postures, backbends, inversions and seated poses are skillfully sequenced with modifications offered to individualize the practice for each student.


This free monthly class is our way of giving back to the wonderful yoga community that supports us. Each month, we feature a different style and Yoga Source instructor. Come and sample our diverse styles and instructors at our brick and mortar location.


A grounding class, to both uplift and relax you - begin with a nourishing slow flow leading to a big rejuvenation through restorative yoga postures. A great class for anyone wishing to alleviate stress, while restoring one’s health and inner harmony. 6-months of yoga experience recommended yet open to all levels.

Hatha Basics

A foundational hatha (physical) class to include basic postures, breath work and relaxation. Great for students who want to establish a solid foundation. Beginners will find this class helpful for learning the basic shapes of the postures, developing concentration and building body awareness. Break down precise actions in basic postures to learn correct alignment. 
Props will be used for individual modifications. 



This hatha yoga class integrates the use of a chair to gain stability, create space, and align the bones while increasing body awareness. With the added prop of a chair, this practice is more accessible and is also recommend for students with arthritis, osteoporosis, recovery, carpel-tunnel and difficulty transitioning from floor to standing.