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Kim Fisch 

Kim’s journey to yoga began when she was 3 years old. She has devoted her life to investigating healing based movement modalities- through her studies in yoga, dance, Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, art, massage, spirituality and meditation. She began teaching yoga in 2001- with 17 years experience teaching Hatha yoga in classes, workshops and retreats. She is certified to teach in the Yoga Works method, and is a trainer for the Yoga Works 200 hour Teacher Training Program.

Kim’s class guides students toward self-understanding, connection and awareness, within a healing and experiential environment. She offers a simple, yet challenging asana practice suitable for students of all levels. Her work guides students toward awakened self care- with specific alignment, movement with breath, and clear instruction. Her teaching is a compassionate, interdisciplinary approach to yoga, dedicated to structural and energetic integration, balance, breath and heart.


Trainings & Certifications

  • Yogaworks Teacher Trainer 

  • Yogaworks 200-hr Teacher Training

  • Yogaworks 300-hr Professional Program

  • Eric Schiffman - 50-hr Teacher Training

  • Omega Institute - Interdisciplinary Teacher Training w/Don & Amba Stapleton 


“Yoga is a technology for arriving in this present moment. It is a means of waking up from our spiritual amnesia, so that we can remember all that we already know.” -Donna Farhi

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