Need to take a pause? 
Send us your suspension request below!

Pausing vs. cancelling is always a good idea! It gives you greater flexibility and ensures you can rejoin at your same great rate without any changes.


A few details: 

  • Annual and Monthly memberships incur a $28 suspension fee per month (up to 6-month pause allowed).

  • Mini-Memberships incur a $10 fee per month (up to 3-month pause allowed). 

  • All suspension requests due to illness or injury incur no charge. 


Please allow 48-hours for us to process your request. Don’t worry - if you submit the form and your membership is charged before we have processed your request within five days, we will SAVE that credit to be automatically available when your pause ends, rather than refunding it.


Let us know your reason for suspending: *
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