You can always push pause instead of canceling

It gives you complete control and flexibility and ensures you can re-start in the future at your same great rate. I'd like to suspend my membership and PUSH PAUSE instead. Please submit your online request 30 days (monthly membership) and 10 days (mini-membership) before your next auto-pay. Please give us 48-hours to reply/process your request. 

Don’t worry - if you submit the form and your membership is charged in less than the required timeframe (10/30 days), we will SAVE that credit to be automatically available when your pause ends, rather than refunding it.

Anywhere, anytime!

Now, wherever you live in the world you can access our live-stream classes. This means you don’t have to leave your home to join us and, you can create your own perfect schedule with your favorite teachers & classes.  

The price is right! 

We get it, you want to deepen into a regular practice, but at a lower price point. Consider our mini membership as it may suit your lifestyle better. You can now choose either 6 classes/month for $65 (just $10.83/class) with no monthly minimum, or a 10-class pass for $140 and that’s good for 3 months! To make this switch, just choose either option when you fill out the cancellation form below.

If you still need to cancel, we understand and are here to assist you. Please just share your info below and we’ll take care of you. 

We will process your cancellation when you submit this form. But, we'd still love to give you a FREE week to see if we can help you find some classes that you love!

If we couldn't woo you back, please submit this form to complete your cancellation. Email us at if you need any further assistance!

We are going to miss you. Would you let us know why?
If you're leaving to practice at another yoga studio or gym, please tell us anything you prefer at your new practice place.