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With spring comes the excitement of new projects, beautiful weather, and space for life to bloom. Many times, though, it leads us to prioritize differently with our yoga practice moving to the back burner. This May at Yoga Source, go on an indoor/outdoor journey to reimagine your practice by going outside, getting quiet, and reigniting your why.

Inspiration can be found anywhere if you choose to see it. Take your practice off your mat and into the world to elevate your presence and expand your awareness. Look to nature for guidance in getting present and grounded. By taking an outdoor yoga class, walking or biking instead of driving, or taking a trip to the river or woods, we can find peace in the outdoors and expand our practice. As you venture outdoors to get quiet inside and listen inwards you’ll discover that nature lends subtle bursts of insight. By sitting in stillness for as little as five minutes or attending a mid-day sit at Yoga Source, you’ll discover space to tune in to the inner landscape of your being. Whether it’s at the beginning, middle, or end of the day, meditation can provide a valuable reset and allow us to act rather than react to the world around us.

By breaking routine and getting outside of our comfort zone, we expand our horizons to inspire growth and change. Step outside of your normal schedule to expand your practice and reinspire your why. Try something new, take a class you normally wouldn’t, and push yourself beyond your perceived edge to go beyond. Spring is a great time to set fresh goals and try different things to invogorate your practice & your presence in all you do! 

Embark on our 30-day journey: Elevate Your Presence, Inspire Your Practice for the month of May to integrate a more mindful perspective into everyday life. This will allow you to go inward, connect with yourself, and expand to connect with the world around you. We hope to see you soon and wish you inspiration and grace in the journey ahead!


- Hannah Chapman, YS Student Advisor & Blogger

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