Our specialized hatha yoga classes include progressive levels of postures, breath work and relaxation. Learn to relax the mind, stretch and strengthen the body while exploring the "inner terrain” of the body/mind connection. Each teacher will draw from their training background to offer a unique hatha yoga experience.


  • Breathwork

  • Flow+Restore

  • Relax+Restore 

  • Yin



Breathwork is an intensive, active meditation designed to reduce stress & tension, break through the barriers of stuck energy creating a sense of “lightness” while calming the mind & opening the heart. This technique is strengthening for the core and assists in healthy digestion. It also taps into creativity and brings about clarity, which can be transformative on all levels. This particular breath pattern is practiced in a 20 minute period followed by a rich and abundant savasana, reaping the rewards of hard work. No previous experience required; beginner-friendly and open to all levels.



A grounding class, to both uplift and relax you - begin with a nourishing slow flow leading to a big rejuvenation through restorative yoga postures. A great class for anyone wishing to alleviate stress while restoring one’s health and inner harmony.

6-months of yoga experience recommended yet open to all levels.



Ease your way into the body with gentle movements and restorative postures to alleviate stress and relax the nervous system. An ideal class for all students, in particular beginners, active seniors, expecting mothers, and students who prefer to move at a relaxed pace. Props and modifications will be offered. No previous experience required; beginner-friendly and open to all levels.



Yin yoga provides balance and harmony to an active or busy life. While yang styles of yoga are very popular in our society, our bodies are constantly striving to restore balance, which yin yoga does. It targets the “yin tissues” in the body, the connective tissues—ligaments, bones, and even joints—by holding poses for longer periods of time (3-5 mins). Incredibly conducive to a meditative state, the stillness of the practice teaches the mind and body two valuable lessons: receptivity and acceptance. Props and modifications will be offered. 6-months of yoga experience recommended yet open to all levels.


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