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When the heaviness of winter lifts and spring begins to show its face in the way of sunny days, birds chirping, and warmer temperatures, things start to feel a bit lighter and we move through our days with more ease. We often hear and implement the term “spring cleaning,” the act of clearing out the old, tidying up, and making space for new things in our lives. Yet while we typically focus spring cleaning in our homes, we tend to neglect our bodies and minds. This April at Yoga Source, make the decision to spring clean your body, mind, and soul by participating in a month-long Ayurvedic cleanse.

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, supports a personalized approach to balance your Dosha for optimal health. While the word “cleanse” has gotten a bad rap thanks to “detox teas” and green juice promising health and weight loss, the Ayurvedic cleanse is much deeper than that; it’s a practice that allows you to mindfully partner with your body in an attempt to clear out the winter months and start fresh for Spring. It includes daily practices such as tongue scraping, neti pot usage, meditation, screen detoxing, yoga, and much more. It is a way of showing up for yourself in acts of self-care and nourishing your body correctly with support from others to help you connect and grow throughout the month.

While you may feel the need to do everything perfectly in order for the cleanse to

“work,” that’s not always the case. Diane Malaspina, E-RYT 500 instructor and lead

trainer of the Sadhana 300-hour Advanced Teacher Training at Yoga Source this Fall,

claims that even small changes can make a big impact. So rather than stressing yourself out over what you did imperfectly, choose to applaud yourself for putting in the effort and choosing to care for yourself. It’s so easy to fall into all-or-nothing mentalities with challenges and cleanses, but know that it will never be perfect to a tee and that’s alright!

Spring is a wonderful time for setting intentions, making goals, and clearing out the grogginess of winter to sow the seeds of renewal. Whether you choose to do so alone or at our studio, know that you’re doing important work in taking time for yourself and letting go of what no longer serves you to open up to what will. Ayurvedic cleansing is incredibly powerful for clearing out the body and mind of unwanted toxins and setting the reset button to start the season in a clear space and Heather is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the practice to help you move through the month with ease and comfort.


This year, let’s all choose to spring clean our mind, body, and soul along with our space for a fresher and more open perspective moving into the season.

-Hannah Chapman, YS Student Adv isor & Blogger

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